Friday, September 7, 2012

OMG It's Friday Already!

OMG! (That means "oh my god" for those not versed in text-speak)  Since the Labor Day weekend, this past week has flown by for me!  It's Friday already and I've been so busy at work it really hadn't hit me -- until today -- that today is my birthday!  I'm finally legal!  Just kidding!  That's a bit of humor since I'm definitely in my 30's.  This is a great age because I think people are more confident with themselves in their 30's.  You've learned plenty of lessons from your 20's and have learned so much more about yourself.  Don't get me wrong, I loved being in my 20's!  But the 30's are nothing to be afraid of.  So you're in a new decade and you start seeing age taking a toll on your body, but staying fit and healthy helps keep your body and mind active and you feel just as young as you did before.

Anyhoo, today being my birthday, my husband is taking me out for dinner and I have to put together a great date night outfit from my closet.  While I have yet to decide what to wear tonight I put together an outfit on Polyvore from one of my favorite formal dresses by Karen Millen.  I love how feminine and fitted this dress is!  And how about those green shoes?  Pretty jazzy!  I'll have to follow up with what I actually wore and give details on the fancy restaurant we're trying tonight.  Till then, enjoy the outfit below!

Happy Friday all!

A Formal Affair

Karen Millen summer dress

Lace jacket

Dkny bag
$115 -

Gold jewelry

Swarovski pendant necklace

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